By Lisa Beaufait, Strategy and Training Pro

We all live in a world that is full of choices and where vast amounts of information is available for any type of decision making. Whether it is career development, training, marketing, selling, SEO optimization, or strategy, it is best to look into all possible outcomes, pros and cons, and then make sound decisions.

But where do you go for feedback and second opinions? Where can you go to test ideas and evaluate opportunities? A personal board of directors is one way you can gather options as well as save time and money. Having this small group may will help you grow in so many ways—ones that you might never consider, such as a personal growth goal.

Together with your personal board of directors, you will increase expertise and may even build upon your strategic direction. This personal board may also act as a sounding board to ensure that your company is developing and implementing business plans to achieve goals in no time. It may also help to enhance the credibility of your company and ensure accountability, given the competition in your market space.

I can personally attest to the value of a personal board of directors. In my businesses and personal development, I enjoy having second opinions to help mitigate risk and to also help find new opportunities. I have been grateful throughout my career to have different people and consultants help me make best decisions. I have been able to learn from others by them sharing their experience and by hearing various options to consider. Having on-going diverse information and various options are a best way to learn and grow.

If you do not have a personal board of directors, you may want to consider building your team or outsourcing to a marketing group like Gossamer Marketing Group. Here’s how we can help:

  • Providing a new perspective based on our experience and expertise
  • Helping with thought leadership and marketing/sales innovation and integration
  • Developing a vision, mission statement and goals for your company
  • Crafting a company or personal strategy
  • Building leadership development, tailored for your industry and market
  • Planning career development
  • Developing on-line training platforms
  • Capturing client and/or employee feedback

If your plate is overflowing and you need help creating a personal board of directors or in filling gaps, contact us at