Welcome to Gossamer Marketing Group

“Empathy breeds mental agility, sparks creativity and originality and has lasting effects.” American Marketing Association

Gossamer Marketing Group is an integrated marketing and communications agency focused on the intersection of healthcare and technology. We help our clients thrive in the complex and ever-changing healthcare landscape and build loyalty through empathetic marketing programs that enable Marketing and Sales teams to deliver the right story, at the right time to the right audience through personalized, contextual conversations.

Every Gossamer project or initiative, big or small, starts with a blank piece of paper. We carefully listen, research and come back with a customized set of services designed to integrate with your existing technology platforms, eliminate pain points and help you achieve your business objectives. Our integrated services include:

Thought Leadership Content

Showcase your thought leaders through new content that helps your Sales and Marketing teams open doors and deliver highly personalized contextual conversations to keep your solutions top of mind and differentiate your organization.

Meetings & Events

Dynamic digital, hybrid and live events, innovative attendee engagement and seamless integration with your teams for increased productivity and higher event ROI.

Digital Marketing

From inbound Marketing campaigns to social media management, Gossamer can help your company reach your target audiences and achieve your business goals.


Sales & Marketing Automation

Tools and strategies to unify your Marketing and Sales teams, from marketing automation to account based marketing and content experience management.


What Our Clients Say

From late 2013 to late 2020, Jeanette provided vital Marketing support for Point-of-Care Partners (POCP) through her company, Gossamer Marketing Group. She contributed to the company’s rapid growth during this period through creative and cost-effective marketing and digital programs that consistently generated qualified leads and elevated POCP’s thought leadership.  A dedicated professional who delivers what you ask for and more, there’s absolutely no question Jeanette cares about what she’s doing and  the people around her. A recipient of POCP’s Encore Award that recognizes exceptional contribution, Jeanette’s  key accomplishments encompassed POCP’s rebranding, creation of  a new website, HubSpot implementation as well as numerous industry presentations/proposals/newsletters.

Tony Schueth, CEO & Founder

Point-of-Care Partners